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Who has not passed in front of a work or construction and we have observed how people wear a safety helmet on their heads, usually yellow. This Personal Protective Equipment is associated with architecture or engineering careers and it could even be said that a helmet is to an engineer like a mask is to a welder.

More than a security team

The safety helmet is more than an item of equipment, which in many places is requested as mandatory use; It should be considered as a necessary element to protect your life in the event of an unexpected accident. Therefore, the importance of knowing their characteristics and classifications for the different areas of application.

“Safety helmets are in the HEAD PROTECTION family within the great variety of products that we design and manufacture at SIISA® (Soldadoras Industriales Infra, S.A. de C.V.), which in addition to being injected in thermoplastic materials with the most high technology; they meet and exceed national and international standards, which allows us to reach international markets” says engineer Juan Manuel Chaparro, Production Director.

Our slogan “Safety is priceless, has value” alludes to the fact that nothing is more valuable than life and for this reason SIISA® safety helmets are verified in our certified laboratory before the EMA (Mexican Accreditation Entity, A.C.) in where they are subjected to impact, penetration, electric shock and flammability tests.

Classification of our helmets

SIISA® safety helmets are designed and manufactured to provide protection from objects in free fall that impact the upper part, which is why they are type I and, according to their degree of electrical insulation, they can be:

Class E (Electrical))For protection of electrical tension of 20,000 V by norm and 30,000 V against perforation and impacts.CODIGO W®, Infrapro®, Infracap®, Mundial.
G-Class (General)For protection of electrical tension of 2,200 V by norm and against impacts.CODIGO W®, Infrapro®, Infracap®, Mundial, Fiberglass.
Class C (Conductor)For impact protection only.Aluminum Cap, ala ancha, miner.

SIISA® helmets and their participation in the September 2017 earthquake

Eng. Chaparro points out that with more than 57 years in the market, SIISA® has been present in many of the natural catastrophes that the country has faced, where having a safety helmet as it was in the tremor of 2017, to mention the most recent; It was essential to save the lives of the people commissioned to rescue victims of landslides.

More than just a helmet

In addition to the helmet, the design of our suspensions with adjustment mechanisms by intervals and ratchet allow a better fit and comfort for users. Our helmets can have from 4, 6 and 8 fastening points depending on the models.

The wide variety of accessories that we have add to the protection, comfort and productivity; thanks to: its chin straps, spare parts for suspensions and sweatshirts, face shield adapters for helmets, ear muffs, dust guards, among other products that you can find within the range of head protection.

Complement with more Security products

Complement your safety with the other families of equipment products that SIISA® has for you, such as protection for the eyes with the Vision® 3000 lenses, for the face with the high-resistance polycarbonate face protector, for the respiratory tract with respirators for capsules or disposable masks. With the excellent advantage of finding everything you need for your safety in one place, consult your technical advisor directly at the plant for more information.

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With the guarantee that when acquiring and using our products you have the quality, infrastructure, highly qualified workforce and experience that supports us, which unites us and makes Mexico strong.



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